Chocolatier · Chocolate Sommelier · Educator

Geoseph Domenichiello

Chocolatier, Chocolate Sommelier, Educator

Geoseph has revitalized the way we think about chocolate.  His training in biology, fine arts, and gastronomy join together to provide an all encompassing perspective into this exquisite food. Having been in the industry for over a decade, the most memorable moments for him have been watching people experience chocolate in ways they never thought possible.  

Geoseph grew up in the Italian community of Woodbridge, Ontario, where quality craftsmanship, Southern Italian food, and the spirit of sharing surrounded him.  From this grew his belief that quality chocolate should unite beautiful flavour with skillful craftsmanship; something worth sharing.

His childhood love for animals, art, and food have become the triad of passions that continue to lead his life.  It only felt natural for him to study both Biology and Art History at the University of Toronto, where he received his Bsc.  Upon graduating, his love for food took him to George Brown College, where he honed in on his skills in the kitchen.  It was there that he came across a job posting for a "Chocolate Sommelier", and after taking on the position in 2007, he has became forever dedicated to chocolate.

He has worked for top and internationally acclaimed chocolateries, winning national and international awards for his artisan chocolates.  He has lived & worked in Toronto, Vancouver, and New Zealand, sharing his passion, and of course chocolate, with those he meets.  

His motivation is to enlighten you to become a well informed chocolate consumer and critic. Why?  It's simple. As you grow your understanding of chocolate, you begin to make smarter choices surrounding it. These smarter choices will lead to you heightening your level of satisfaction with chocolate.  More importantly, as an informed consumer, you can redirect the chocolate industry to satisfy not only your own senses, but also the well-being of those connected to it.  

The wellness of those around him has always been a feature of his work ethics.  His volunteer work in the areas of counselling, shelters, and education stem from his belief that taking care of each other, whether it be in your community or connected to you in your field of work, is what encourages quality. Understanding good food is about understanding good practises with those you see and perhaps never see. 

Geoseph spends much of his time staying up to date with current research in the areas of science and history of chocolate and cacao.  As well, he's constantly thinking up new and exciting ways to create, share, and teach all things chocolate.  Outside this realm, his time is spent paddleboarding, reading, crafting, and exploring the outdoors.


It's greatly rewarding to be satisfied by food based on your own informed judgements and experiences; not according to what others dictate.  

We all share the ability to sense flavour, but our experiences are our own.  They are unique to us based on how we receive flavour, and how it relates to our individual past.  

I'd love for you to hone in on your own sense of flavour.  In doing so, you will heighten your level of satisfaction with chocolate and food in general. And it all begins with educating yourself. 

Geoseph Domenichiello



Bachelor of Science

(Biology, Zoology, Art History)

University of Toronto, YYZ

Pastry Arts

George Brown College, YYZ

Teaching Courses

Vancouver Community College, YVR

Chocolate Tasting Course



Chocolate Sommelier
A Taste for Chocolate, YYZ

Lead Chocolatier 
Chocolate Arts, YVR

Lead Chocolatier
Thomas Haas Patisserie, YVR

Head Chocolatier
Gem Chocolates, YVR

Chocolate Sommelier
The Wellington Chocolate Factory, WLG

Head Chocolatier
Mon Paris Patisserie, YVR


In The Media

The Source Newspaper

New Zealand Herald 


Creators Vancouver (2014)

City Food Vancouver (2012)




A Special Thank You

From Geoseph

Thank you to those who have spent time with me exploring the world of chocolate.  Your curiosity is my fuel.  

A warm appreciation goes out to 
Sabine Edrissi for the many photos of my creations; to Galina Sanaeva for the background image and others; and Glenn Knowles of Gem Chocolates for his support & inspiration of creativity and ingenuity.