Where in the world is Fine Chocolate?

Use this interactive map to Locate a chocolate maker near you!

Last Updated January 2019


  1. Pink Marker: Bean to bar chocolate maker

  2. Yellow Marker: Bean to bar retailer

  3. Blue Marker: Other chocolate and cacao related companies

Disclosure: I want all of you to be your own judge of chocolate, so I've included makers that I myself don't quite enjoy. However, I encourage you to try whatever you encounter and come to your own conclusions.


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The focus here is bean to bar makers.. Please, no chocolatiers, unless they are also bean to bar. You may add chocolate bean to bar specialty shops (online or brick and mortar).

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Bean To Bar in Vancouver

Chocolate Makers & Retailers in or near the Vancouver area



Chocolate Maker

Farmers Markets in Lower Mainland

Some wonderful local guys producing more than wonderful bean to bar chocolate. They source cacao from various countries, but also directly buy from farmers in the Philippines, whom they visit to help with techniques and improving the quality of the cacao. They also produce a small range of truffles and other chocolate confections. They are found at local farmers market in the Vancouver area, and sometimes host chocolate making workshops!


chocolate maker


Produce their own bean to bar artisan chocolate bars in Victoria, BC.  Taylor has been in the business for nearly a decade, and you can taste the experience and skill in his range of single origin dark bars. His simple, clean, and transparent approach is one of a kind, and highly regarded. His bars are sold around the world, and from his website.

East Van Roasters

Chocolate Maker


Produce their own bean to bar craft chocolate bars, chocolates, and drinks here in Vancouver.  You may get a chance to see the work in action through the open view kitchen concept.

Origins Chocolate Bar

Bean To Bar Retail Shop

New Westminster (River Market, under the escalator)

A quaint pop up that carry a wide array of Canadian and international bean to bar products. A new addition to the scene, and worth a visit! Hours are 10-6, 7 days a week (as long as the market is open). A gem of a shop to have here.


Chocolate Retail Shop


Carry a small selection of mostly French and European chocolate bars and products. Their yaletown storefront is closed, but they continue to sell bars online.

Cook Culture


Vancouver & North Vancouver

Carry a sizable collection of BC, North American, and international bean to bar chocolate.

Much & Little


Main street

Often carry a small yet special collection of international bean to bar chocolate. Omnom and Wellington Chocolate Factory bars have paid a visit before.

Le Marche St. George



Often carry a small yet special collection of North American & international bean to bar chocolate. Marou, Palette de Bine, and Wellington Chocolate Factory have made their appearance on the shelves.

Elysian Cafe

Coffee shop

Vancouver Area

Often carry local bean to bar chocolate, but not at all locations.

Bump n Grind Cafe

Coffee shop

Commercial Drive

Often carry local bean to bar chocolate such as Sirine and East Van Roasters.

Chocolate Project

Victoria & Online

Online Shop

An wide array of chocolate bars and products from producers in North America and from around the world. 

Urban Fare



Often carry a few more well known fine chocolate bars from France.  However, be aware other chocolate bars next to them may not be of the same quality, although they appear to be.