Geoseph Domenichiello

Master Chocolatier & Chocolate Sommelier


Geoseph has revitalized the way we think about chocolate.  His training in biology, fine arts, and gastronomy join together to provide an encompassing perspective into this exquisite food.  With over 10 years of work behind him within the chocolate industry, his passion for enlightening others is what keeps him going. 

The Journey

Geoseph grew up in the Italian community of Woodbridge, Ontario, where quality craftsmanship, Southern Italian food, and the spirit of sharing surrounded him. From this grew his belief that chocolate should unite beautiful flavour with skillful craftsmanship; something worth sharing.


His childhood love for animals, art, and food have been the triad of passions that continue to direct his life.  It felt only natural for him to study both Biology and Art History at the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Science. Upon graduating, his love for food took him to George Brown College, where he honed in on his skills in the Pastry Arts Program.  It was here where he came across a job posting for a chocolate sommelier, and after taking on the position in 2007, he has become forever dedicated to chocolate. 

The experience

He has worked for top and internationally acclaimed chocolateries, winning national and international awards for his chocolates he created there.  He has left a legacy of passion and inspiration wherever he has worked, creating recipes, designing chocolates, inventing techniques, and improving the standards of quality. He has lived & worked in Toronto, Vancouver, And New Zealand.  Since 2007, his passion for fine chocolate and the misconceptions surrounding chocolate continue to motivate him  to educating those who care about quality and flavourful food.  

We need to take responsibility for the food in our lives if we want to encourage quality from those around us. All you require are practical meaningful tools in order to make lifelong adjustments that will translate into lifelong satisfaction.
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Geoseph spends much of his time staying up to date with current research in the areas of science and history of chocolate and cacao.  He works in Vancouver as a chocolatier, constantly thinking up new and exciting ways to create, share, and teach all things chocolate.  As well, much of his time is spent focused on his Chocolate Workshops, helping others become confident and informed chocolate consumers. 

Outside of this realm, his time revolves around the three triads of his life: nature & science, art, and food.  Activities include hiking and paddleboarding, crafting and designing, as well as experimenting with and exploring food. This multipotentialite has also worked in the balloon industry, in herpetology, as a baker, and even in a guppy behaviour lab.  However, chocolate continues to be at the forefront, mostly because it touches on all three of his lifelong passions.  

We all share the ability to sense flavour, but our experience is our own.  It is unique to us based on how we receive flavour, and how it relates to our individual past.  

I’d love for you to hone in on your own sense of flavour.  In doing so, you will heighten your level of satisfaction with chocolate and food in general. And it all begins with educating yourself. 
— Geoseph

Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor of Science, Biology, Zoology, Art HistoryUniversity of Toronto: YYZ (2008)

Pastry Arts.  George Brown College: YYZ (2008)

Teaching Instruction Courses.  Vancouver Community College: YVR (2013)

Chocolate Tasting Course. Seventy%: YVR (2014)


Chocolate Sommelier.  A Taste for Chocolate: YYZ

Lead Chocolatier. Chocolate Arts: YVR

Lead Chocolatier. Thomas Haas Patisserie: YVR

Head Chocolatier. Gem Chocolates: YVR

Chocolate Sommelier. The Wellington Chocolate Factory: WLG

Head Chocolatier. Mon Paris Patisseri: YVR


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Creators Vancouver


New Zealand Herald


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