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The Process



The History of Chocolate


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10 million BCE

The origins of cacao


3500 to 400 BCE

Chocolate invented


2000 BCE to 100 CE

Chocolate culture develops


12th to 15th Century

Aztecs raise chocolate to new levels


8th to 12th Century

Chocolate continues to thrive


2nd to 8th Century 

Chocolate becomes pan Mesoamerican


16th Century

The Spanish in Mesoamerica


16th - 17th Century

Chocolate in Spain


17th Century

Chocolate spreads to Europe and Asia


19th - 20th Century

Eating chocolate invented


18th - 19th Century

Industrialization & cocoa powder


17th - 19th Century

Cacao: a global operation


20th - 21st Century

Artisan & bean-to-bar chocolate




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