The Most Enlightening Tasting Workshop For You, The Consumer!


Learn How To:

1. Master Flavour

2. Discern quality

3. Be A Connoisseur

Even you can be a successful taster! You just need to be given the chance and tools necessary.

History · Science · Neurogastronomy · Marketing · Ethics · Manufacturing · Nutrition

Don't be intimidated by flavour.  Master it. 

Choosing quality chocolate encourages incredible flavour, skillful craftsmanship, and fair sustainable relationships.
— Geoseph

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Thoughts & Experiences

Well-researched and well-presented. It was lovely to have it punctuated by the tasting of chocolate through the ages as well.
I never knew something like this even existed. This was great.
I LOVED the chocolate tasting workshop. It was very fun, interactive, and informative!
Informative, casual, participative, fun and really well presented! Thanks so much!!!
I never liked dark chocolate before! But now that you’ve shown me how to taste, I really appreciate it!
I find the workshop very informative/educational. The geographical history of the cacao plant is interesting. I will not hesitate to recommend the workshop to family and friends. Thank you for a delightful two hours.



Delve deeper into the world of chocolate.