Next Meetup! Sunday November 18, 2018; 11 AM - 1 PM


$10 pp (Covers Chocolate Samples, Space, & Materials)

Sundays 11 AM - 1 PM (Once or Twice A Month)

Earnest Ice Cream at 1829 Quebec Street (Near Science World)

Anyone! From the curious to the expert.

Mission: Connecting people to chocolate, knowledge, and each other for a more Satisfying future!

The VCSC revolves around the bean to bar movement that’s taking over the chocolate world. There is much going on, and we want you to be part of it. The VCSC revolves around two simple components, sharing chocolate & knowledge. We want to help build your knowledge of fine craft chocolate in order to become a more satisfied chocolate consumer.

+ What Is Bean To Bar?

Making chocolate from scratch, that is, from the cocoa bean itself into chocolate. Over 90% of chocolate shops in any city or town are chocolatiers, who don't make chocolate, but make confections from already made chocolate. Therefore, this meetup will focus on the chocolate makers and growers whom we know little about. These meetups don't focus on bon bons, truffles, or other delicious chocolate confections.

+ Why Focus on Dark Chocolate?

Learning to taste and articulate dark chocolate is similar to learning how to taste espresso, whiskey, or fine teas. It's chocolate in its simplest form, and allows you to more easily discern its quality and flavour. The flavours here arise from the cocoa bean itself, not additional ingredients such as spices, fruits, or nuts.

+ Why Not Include All Chocolate?

If you want to understand coffee, you start with espresso tastings, not cappuccinos. In the same way, dark chocolate is the starting point from which to discern and appreciate all other chocolates. It's not that dark chocolate is above any other chocolate, but once you master how to taste and discern dark chocolate, you'll have the tools necessary to appreciate any chocolate you encounter, which includes milk chocolate, bon bons, truffles, and any other chocolate confection. And you never know, we may include other types of chocolate other than dark from time to time.

Meetup Format Is As Follows:

  • Sampling 3-4 bean to bar chocolate / cocoa products

  • Each meetup will include new samples / makers

  • Predominantly dark bars, and always vegan options

  • A fun interactive group analysis of the samples (We will help you learn!)

  • Information on the makers, growers, and cacao used

  • Rate, debate, and discuss what we tried

  • A guided open discussion on important relevant issues in the chocolate / cacao world

  • Topics will be posted in advance so you can come prepared if you wish

  • Q & A time. Bring your own chocolate questions!

There will also be resources available through Chocolate with Geoseph, as well as planned field trips from time time. Oh right, and we will have some local bean to bar chocolate bars available for sale! Let’s encourage our local crafters.

This will be a relaxed learning environment. This is not a club for snobs, but rather a chocolate appreciation club for those who also love to learn. If you already know a great deal, perfect, come and share it with us. If you just want to sit back and quietly take it all in, that’s fine as well. The goal is to make fine chocolate fun, approachable, and satisfying for all.


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Rate your experience
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