Chocolate Sensory Workshop


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Interactive & delicious!

Cost: $60 pp     Duration: 3 hrs     Seats: 8

Hosted by Geoseph Domenichiello


This exciting and interactive workshop will take you on a journey to understand the truth about chocolate.  This is a foundations course (Chocolate 101) that will give you a dynamic view of what chocolate is, as well as practical tools you can use to be a more discerning taster and smarter consumer.  With over a decade of experience with chocolate, both as a chocolate sommelier and chocolatier, Geoseph has inspired many to strengthen or begin their journey with fine dark chocolate.  Why is it called the sensory workshop?  It's because not only will you learn the process and history by reading and listening, but also by tasting!  We will learn how to eat fine chocolate using all 6 of our senses. 

We will cover:

  • The process, from tree to bar (with samples)
  • The historical geography & evolution of chocolate (with samples)
  • Chocolate neurogastronomy
  • Professional tasting tools
  • A tasting of fine dark artisan chocolate from BC and the world. 

You will acquire:

  • A grasp of how chocolate came to be
  • The crucial steps involved in producing quality chocolate & why it's important to you
  • Understanding how flavour works, and how it relates to chocolate
  • Practical tools for being your own chocolate tasting connoisseur
  • Literature to take home containing much of the information above 

The tasting component will be dark chocolate only, with chocolate made from beans of different origins, and made by various chocolate makers.  This is so that you can taste the difference in flavour based on the cacao bean and manufacturing, and not be distracted by other ingredients. Much like a purist would enjoy an espresso or wine tasting.  We will focus mostly on BC and West Coast chocolate makers, to celebrate the skills and talent in our own backyard.  However, we there will also be chocolate from 1 or 2 international makers in order to compare. 

This is a fun and laid back workshop, where input and questions enhance the experience.  Come with an appetite as well as questions!  Let's answer the questions you've always wondered about chocolate, and break down myths as we break a bar of chocolate and enjoy the afternoon together. 


Why is understanding chocolate important?

Understanding fine dark chocolate, as you would wine, cheese, or beer, will open a new world of flavour, and help you become a smarter consumer. An artist learns depth perception and shade before painting, a musician learns how to play chords, and in the same way, we will be learning the basics of chocolate from which you will grow your future chocolate experiences.

Artisan and fine chocolate is often tied in closely with fair treatment of those who grow the beans.  However, the relationship between a quality maker and fairly treated growers depends on us supporting that relationship.  The more we understand this aspect, the better you will be at helping these healthy business relationships to thrive. 

Understanding chocolate in general, and what determines quality, will offer a clear picture of the varying degrees of chocolate out there.  This workshop isn't meant to put down any type of chocolate or manufacturer in particular, but to understand the types of chocolate on the market, and finding the one best suited to your values!

There has been a huge boom in the artisan and craft chocolate industry, but there is not enough information to reach the consumer in order for them to fully grasp what makes this chocolate different.  This course is open to everyone, from the skeptic to foodies.  Even those already work in the industry are invited to learn what most of us never get taught in school or on the job.  The goal of these workshops is to enlighten everybody, so that we can make smarter choices, more satisfying choices, and shift the industry to produce better quality chocolate for everyone.  


The Menu

I'm guessing chocolate?

Fine dark chocolate & cacao related products. 


Chocolate will come from local BC bean to bar makers, as well as a couple international makers to compare.  All chocolate will be dark, and only contain cacao bean (cocoa mass & cocoa butter) and sugar.  All products are vegan, gluten free, and will not contain nuts.*  We will also taste other cacao related products as part of the process and history components, all of which will also be vegan.  


*As I don't manufacture the chocolate myself, I can't guarantee they may not contain traces of dairy or nuts (as listed by the manufacturer).  For more information on dietary concerns, please inquire when you book.




L'Atelier Vancouver Coworking

319 W Hastings St #400

Vancouver, BC

V6B 1H6




An appetite!

All you need to bring is yourself!


Since we will be conducting a tasting, predominately using our nose and tongue, please keep the following in mind. 

Refrain from:

  • Strong odours (Scents & perfumes, smoking, and poor hygiene)
  • Strong flavoured foods (garlic, coffee, smoking etc.)
  • A heavy meal 2 hours beforehand.  Come hungry!

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