Chocolate Sensory Workshop

· Established April 2017 ·


Master Flavour    Discern QualitY    Be A Connoisseur

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Sunday, March 25th, 2018

1-3:30 PM

L'Atelier Vancouver Coworking

319 W Hastings St #400

Vancouver, BC


The Workshop

Master Flavour & Quality

Cost: $60 pp     Duration: 2.5 hrs     Seats: 8

Hosted by Geoseph Domenichiello


Learn the fundamentals of chocolate.  Just as an artist learns perspective and a musician learns chords in order to master their art, it's crucial to learn the flavour of dark chocolate before mastering the art of chocolate.

Since 2017, this exciting and unique chocolate sensory workshop offers professional level training for you, the consumer!  It enables you to make smarter choices not dictated by marketing and trends.  Learn everything you need to know to becoming your own connoisseur!  This tasting workshop goes above and beyond, delving deep into the facts and current research. Leave not only satisfied, but an enlightened and confident chocolate consumer.  

We analyze bean to bar chocolate, made with two ingredients: cacao and a little sugar; chocolate in its most basic yet most incredible form.  Chocolate which is flavourful because of the cacao bean used, as well as the particular processing techniques utilized by skillful chocolate makers.  Best of all, you get to taste the history and process while you learn!

Who is invited?

  • Anyone with a passion for food and chocolate
  • Those in the industry would also gain insight not available at most culinary institutions 

Topics covered:

  • The Chocolate Making Process (includes samples of cocoa beans of different varieties and origins, and chocolate at varying levels of processing)
  • The History & Evolution of Chocolate (includes samples of authentic 15th & 17th Century chocolate drinks, as well as a very unique cacao product!)
  • Neurogastronomy (Learn the science to help develop your sense of flavour)
  • Professional Tasting Tools (Tools that will last you a lifetime, to help you become a chocolate connoisseur)
  • A Chocolate Tasting Challenge (A guided professional dark chocolate tasting)


  • Literature covering the topics above
  • A Chocolate Flavour & Quality Wheel
  • A Tasting Passport (To record and keep track of future chocolate experiences)
  • A stomach full of 15 chocolate and cacao related products

The cacao products will come from around the world, and the chocolate will focus on incredible local BC chocolate makers and some international makers as well. The Chocolate Challenge will include a flight of dark chocolate samples that we will analyze, dissect, but most of all enjoy!

This is a comfortable and relaxed workshop, where your input and inquiring minds are encouraged! Remember, this is NOT for snobs, but for those who want to understand. No judgements here. Only good conversation and incredible chocolate. Come with questions, and an appetite. Salute!


The Menu

I'm guessing chocolate?


Fine dark chocolate & cacao related products

  1. Cacao Beans of 2 different varieties and origins to understand the importance of cacao flavour
  2. Chocolate samples from 3 stages of the chocolate process to aid in the understanding of how the process greatly affects flavour
  3. Cacao juice! 100% cold pressed juice from the fruit of cacao.
  4. An example of Pre-Conquest Mesoamerican Drinking Chocolate
  5. An example of 17th Century Aristocratic European Drinking Chocolate
  6. A flight of 5 delectable artisan dark chocolate!  These will be studied, discussed, and sampled not just for sampling sake, but to apply your tasting tools and discover a world of flavour you've been missing!


All products are vegan, gluten free, and will not contain nuts.* 

*As I don't manufacture the chocolate myself, I can't guarantee they may not contain traces of dairy or nuts (as listed by the manufacturer).  For more information on dietary concerns, please inquire when you book.



An appetite!

All you need to bring is yourself!


Since we will be predominately using our nose and tongue, please keep the following in mind. 

Try and refrain from:

  • Strong odours (scents & perfumes, smoking, and poor hygiene)
  • Strong flavoured foods (garlic, coffee, smoking etc.)
  • A heavy meal 2 hours beforehand.  Come hungry!