The Bean To Bar Compass

Dark Chocolate Tasting Guide

Everything you need to know about bean to bar chocolate is connected to this pocket size booklet you can bring with you everywhere you go!

The bean to bar compass not only contains concise yet thorough information on chocolate, it also contains QR codes that link to a wealth of information on my website. The links delve into topics such as neurogastronomy, genetics, and chocolate making.


Now Available!


Designed, Illustrated, & Created by Geoseph. Wooden binder created by Konisa Studio. Printed in Vancouver.

Size: 6” x 5”

The Compass Booklet Includes The Following:

20 Page Tasting Toolbook

  • How to taste like a professional

  • How flavour develops (genetics, growers, makers)

  • Chocolate neurogastronomy

  • Types of chocolate

  • Interpreting labels

Tasting Logbook (removable)

  • 20 pages double sided (40 pages)

  • Flavour Analysis & Chocolate Specification pages with helpful suggestions

  • Once full, can be removed and replaced with new logbook

Tasting Tool Foldout

  • Flavour Tree

  • HASME guide

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Storage Tips

Stylish handmade reusable wooden binder

  • You can add your own blank pages to the compass

QR codes

  • Scan and visit exclusive pages on my website for even more helpful information

    Free 1-hour Video Chat Voucher

  • Use this to book a live video chat here on my website to ask more questions about your guide or tasting in general.

I developed this tool and workbook to offer you the fundamentals to becoming your own connoisseur. This is information I wish I had when I began my journey with fine chocolate back in 2008. I guarantee this book will offer you more tasting information than any other book on the market today!
— Geoseph