The Bean To Bar Compass

Dark Chocolate Tasting Guide


Coming Soon! Summer 2019.


Master Chocolate Tasting Tool

Be Your Own Connoisseur

Includes The Following:

20 Page Tasting Toolbook

  • How to taste like a professional

  • How flavour develops (genetics, growers, makers)

  • Chocolate neurogastronomy

  • Types of chocolate

  • Interpreting labels

Tasting Logbook (removable)

  • 20 pages double sided (40 pages)

  • Flavour Analysis & Chocolate Specification pages with helpful suggestions

  • Once full, can be removed and replaced with new logbook

Tasting Tool Foldout

  • Flavour Tree

  • HASME guide

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Storage Tips

Stylish handmade reusable wooden binder

  • You can add your own blank pages to the compass

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    Free 2-hour Video Chat Voucher

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I developed this tool and workbook to offer you the fundamentals to becoming your own connoisseur. This is information I wish I had when I began my journey with fine chocolate back in 2008. I guarantee this book will offer you more tasting information than any other book on the market today!
— Geoseph