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Bean To Bar Making & Tasting Classes

$55 PP · 2 Hours

Sample at least 20 fine bean to bar dark chocolate and cacao related products, while we make fresh chocolate in class right from cocoa beans! The purpose of these classes is to learn all about bean to bar from 3 different perspectives.

There are different classes, including the astounding history, the making, and neurogastronomy of bean to bar chocolate. All 3 include samples and chocolate made from fine cocoa beans.

Whether you are a curious noob, or a professional in the industry, these workshops will satisfy all your cravings.

All products are plant based, and fair trade where possible.

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Bean To Bar Tasting Meetup

$15 PP · 1 Hour

A great way to dip your toes into the world of bean to bar. This is a laid-back atmosphere, where we taste and learn together. Beginners welcome!

In each meetup we conduct a blind tasting of 4-5 samples of dark bean to bar chocolate from a new maker, followed up by open Q&A (bring your questions!), and a raffel to win a free fine chocolate bar.

All products are plant based, and fair trade where possible.

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Custom Chocolate Parties

What's wonderful about a chocolate tasting, aside from the main course, is that almost everyone can join! All ages, all diets, all people.

From small group parties to large corporate team buildings, chocolate tastings and pairings is a wonderful way to bring people together over the worlds most beloved food.

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