Chocolate Lanterns

Melting Dreams Come True

In collaboration with @dirtspindle


A New Way To Enjoy Your Bean To Bar Chocolate

So you’re obsessed with trying new bean to bar chocolate, but you’re bored of eating your bars, and you can’t bring yourself to sacrifice the flavour and bake with it. That’s okay, I hear you. A wonderful way I have discovered to enjoy my chocolate is melting it, but that can either be a lot of work using a double boiler, or very unromantic using a microwave. So, I’ve developed the Chocolate Lantern! These chocolate lanterns were designed and developed by Emma at DirtSpindle in Vancouver, BC.

How it works

Break off the piece of chocolate you would eat, place it in the lantern, wait a couple of minutes, and enjoy!

Where to Purchase

They are currently available at Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver, where you can also find my wonderful collection of curated bean to bar chocolate from Canada and beyond.