Be A Confident Chocolatier!


Serving the Greater Vancouver Area


+Tutoring Fees

First Two Hours $120

Each Additional Hour $50

5 Hour Block $240

+ Travel Fees

Vancouver (excluding UBC), Burnaby, New Westminster $30

UBC $40

North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam $50

+ Availability

General days and times include:

Mondays: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Tuesdays: Not Available

Wednesdays: Not Available

Thursdays: Evening

Firdays: Evening

Saturdays: Evening

Sundays: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Chocolate Troubles?

Your tempering is a hit or miss. Your ganaches are splitting. I can help!

With over 10 years of experience creating award winning chocolates, teaching public classes, managing kitchens, and training future chocolatiers, I have the confidence and knowledge to help you overcome your frustrations.

I too have wrestled with the same problems you have, and it’s not as difficult to solve as you think. Many are very intimidated by chocolate, but there is no need. All you require are the right tools and information to understand how to take control.

Learn more about me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

+Who is This For?

Commerical kitchens adding a chocoline line or looking to enhance current chocolate products.

New enterprenurs looking to start a new company that revolves around or includes chocolate work.

The home enthusiast who enjoys creating chocolates for friend and family, but just requires some help improving their skills.

+ What Do you provide?

The tutoring fees cover the cost of instruction and trouble shooting only. I do not provide the equipment, chocolate, or any ingredients.

However, I will gladly correspond with you before meeting to make sure you have the equipment and ingredients necessary, as well as line out the issues we will tackle when we meet.

+ Does this include bean to bar services?

I have over 10 years working as a chocolate sommelier, with a focus on fine and craft bean to bar chocolate education. However, these tutoring servies are intended for chocolateir work, that is, using chocolate to make truffles, ganaches, bonbons, dipped products, and other confections.

They are not intended to teach you how to make bean to bar chocolate. If that is what you require, please contact me directly, and I'll be happy to help.

If you are working with bean to bar chocolate, I'm still happy to help you with your troubleshooting after it is made, help you source cacao, tools, and bean to bar information. I also provide professional critic and analyze your bean to bar products if you wish as well.

+ Can others join in on the tutoring session?

This tutoring is intended to help individuals or individual companies, and is not a chocolate making class. A maximum of two or tree people may observe only, but may not take part.

If you wish to have the tutoring services for a few people, or turn this into a chocolate class, please inquire directly. I would be happy to find a service that suits your needs!

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