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These Three Workshops encompass the fundamentals of chocolate Flavour. Take one or take them all.

Each workshop includes an interactive bean to chocolate Making demo, & 20+ samples of incredible dark chocolate and cacao products!

(All samples plant-based, fair trade, gf, dairy free)


Classes Have included tempering, ganaches, truffle making, bon bon making, bean to bar making, drinking chocolate & More

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Fun & Interactive Craft dark bean to bar Chocolate Tastings

Meetups are a great way to dip your toes into the world of bean to bar. Try samples and learn how to taste fine chocolate like a pro!

+ Past Meetups

March 2019 Luisa Abram from Brazil, with music from Ana Carolina, Vander Lee, and Oswaldo Montenegro.

We sampled 5 bars and 3 cacao nibs, as well as cacao juice from Repurposed Pod! It was quite the smorgasbord. We compared nibs and chocolate from various wild cacao varities from the Amazon. Including 70% and 81% from Rio Jurua, 70% from Rio Purus, 70% from Rio Acara, and 81% from Rio Jari.

February 2019 Avanaa Chocolat from Montreal, Canada with music from Quebecois musicians Pierre Lapointe and Marilu.

A fantastic tasting of Avanaa's 70% & 80% Kallari, Ecuador chocolate and nibs; 70% Zorsal, Dominican Republic chocolate and nibs; and their dark coconut bar.

January 2019 Smooth Chocolator, Zokoko, and Metiisto from Australia, with music from Tame Impala.

We enjoyed chocolate made with Bolivian cacao from Smooth Chocolator and Zokoko, and analyzed their differences. We finished with the complex flavours of Metiisto with their Solomon Island bar.

December 2018 Kasama from Vancouver, BC, Canada, with music from the Philippines.

Sampled their Honduras, Mexico, and Philippines, and Ecuador bars. We also tried some VIP Indian origin and their Winter feature Whiskey Bar. We also paired some of their chocolate with pear and cheese!

November 2018 Mcguire Chocolate from Calgary, AB, Canada

We sampled their Tanzanian chocolate, two different percentages made from the exact same beans. We discussed how much impact a maker has on the final flavour of their chocolate. We also sampled their wonderful Papua New Guinea bar as well.

We also discussed where flavour comes from, and what we can do to enhance our chocolate flavour experience.

October 2018 Sirene from Victoria, BC, Canada

We sampled Sirine's Tanzania, Ecuador, and Tingo Maria Bars. We discussed terroir, and how important it is (or isn't) to the flavour of chocolate!


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+ What You Said

" Well-researched and well-presented, and it was lovely to have it punctuated by the tasting of chocolate through the ages as well! "

" This class was great! I never knew something like this even existed. "

" The geographical history of the cacao plant is interesting. Furthermore, I am in awe to learn about the science and art of chocolate making. I will not hesitate to recommend the workshop to family and friends. Thank you for a delightful two hours "

" I enjoyed how information heavy the class was, and how well you taught us how to taste! "

" Who knew there's an art of tasting and enjoying dark chocolate?! "

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