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Held at various locations throughout Vancouver


Bean to bar Tasting & Making workshops

+ Workshops

The Bean To Bar Tasting & Making Workshops are Plant Based, Gluten Free, and Revolve Around Dark Chocolate & Cacao!

These workshops delve deeper than any other tasting, as they are meant to be educational as well as delicious. We explore, through taste, the neurogastronomy of bean to bar chocolate! All workshops include an interactive bean to chocolate making component where we use a refiner to grind chocolate from bean to chocolate right in class!

Duration: 1.5 hours

Menu: Fine dark chocolate and cacao products. All plant-based. As well as fresh chocolate made in class!

1) The Origins Of Chocolate Species

This workshop delves into the history of bean to bar chocolate, learning its origins, how it transformed through time, and the types of chocolate we have today. We will get a chance to actually taste chocolate as it has progressed, beginning over 5000 years ago!

2) The Art & Science Of Bean To Bar

This workshop delves into the science, including the botany and growing of cacao, as well as the process of chocolate making. We analyze how all these components impact the flavour of fine cacao and chocolate. We also go over ingredients, interpreting labels, and how to be a more informed consumer.

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Bean to bar

& chocolatier classes

+ Classes

Past classes include tempering, ganache making, drinking chocolate, bonbons, truffles, bean to bar making, and many more!

Making chocolate approachable, fun, and satisfying! All classes include easy to follow instructions, troubleshooting tips, and hands on experience.

Bean To Bar Classes

These workshops include bean to bar making, bean to truffle, and other classes that revolve around making and using chocolate made from scratch, that is, from the cacao bean!

Chocolatier Classes

These classes offer you very practical and hands on experience on how to use chocolate in the kitchen. Chocolate shouldn't be intimidating, but mastered!


bean to bar meetups

+ Meetups

A great way to dip your toes into the world of bean to bar! Learn tips for tasting, ask questions, and get to know other chocolate lovers.

Each meetup is different, with various themes and new chocolate to discover!

The Vancouver Chocolate Social Club (VCSC) requires no membership! Just buy your ticket and join us at the location specified. All levels welcome.

Duration: 1 hour (unless special event such as activity or field trip)

Menu: Fine dark chocolate and cacao. All plant-based and fair trade.

What do we do?

We often conduct a blind tasting of various types of bean to bar, sometimes from the same maker, or different makers. We interpret the flavours, analyze them together, and learn tools for improving your tasting abilities. Come with quetions, make friends, and enjoy some incredible fine bean to bar chocolate!

In The Media

+ Testimonials

" Well-researched and well-presented, and it was lovely to have it punctuated by the tasting of chocolate through the ages as well! "

" This class was great! I never knew something like this even existed. "

" The geographical history of the cacao plant is interesting. Furthermore, I am in awe to learn about the science and art of chocolate making. I will not hesitate to recommend the workshop to family and friends. Thank you for a delightful two hours "

" I enjoyed how information heavy the class was, and how well you taught us how to taste! "

" Who knew there's an art of tasting and enjoying dark chocolate?! "

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