I have been working & educating all things chocolate for over a decade. My very practical and patient approach will offer you the best learning experience online. Working with chocolate is not to be feared, but to be mastered.
— Geoseph

How It Works

1) Book a live tutoring or guided tasting with the booking form below.

2) Fill out the form with your information. I will follow up with you via email before your live session.

3) On the scheduled day & time, click on the orange “CHAT HERE” button.

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+ Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?


The guided tasting is open to anyone who needs help with their fine dark chocolate tasting. Don't know where to get started? Contact me!

The tutoring is open to anyone who needs help in the kitchen, be it hobbyists at home or professionals in the industry. Whether you need to learn a technique, or troubleshoot some issues you're having, I'm here for all of that.

How Do I prepare?

In regards to the tutoring, all you need is your smartphone or laptop with a working camera. Depending on what you're doing, a smartphone is good if you need to show me close ups or cetain angles. A laptop is good if you just need me to watch what you're doing and walk you through it. You will be offered at form when you book to tell me what equipment/ingredients you have and ask what else you may need.

In regards to the guided tasting, you just need a working laptop, smart tv, or any screen big enough that you can broadcast the chat screen onto. The chat screen is built into the webpage, so as long as you have a good wi-fi connection on your device, it should work!

I tried clicking on the orange "CHAT HERE" button but it's not working.

Try to clear your history and cookies, and refresh the page. Also double check that the time and date are correct. I won't be at the chat window if you're there too early or if you show up too late! Be on time. You will receive a password before your booked time to use to enter the video chat.

What tools or ingredients do I need?

In regards to tutoring, that all depends on what you're doing! These tutoring sessions are intended to help you or teach you something that you're prepared to do. However, if you're not sure if you have the right tools or ingredients, you'll have a chance to tell me and ask me in the form when you make your booking.

In regards to a chocolate tasting, all you require is your chocolate and a tasting sheet. You can download a tasting sheet and a flavour wheel for FREE by visiting Tasting 101. You will get a fill out a form when you book to ask more questions. If you don't have your fine chocolate and need to know where to get some, check out the Bean To Bar World Map and locate a maker or retailer near you. Otherwise, feel free to ask me now or in the form you fill out.

what if we run out of time?

You can purchase blocks of 30 minutes. When you make your booking, you automatically purchase 30 minutes, but you have the option to add 30 more, 1 hour more, or 1.5 hours more. If you're not sure if you need more time, just book what you think you need and ask me in the booking form if you think you'll require more.

I'll respect your time if you respect mine, so please stick to the time paid for. If you do need more time, you can add on more buy purchasing it during the talk.

What if the video chat isn't working?

Use the test chat window below to see if the device you will be using is compatible. The chat window will work with most major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Windows Explorer, and Safari. If you're not sure, just try the test chat below. If you're still having trouble, contact me.

If for whatever reason the chat isn't working on your end the day and time of the chat, I can credit you until you resolve the problem or offer a refund for the hours booked at my discretion.

More Questions? Contact me!


Sample Video Chat Window

Click on “Start Video Chat” to see if this chat works on your device. If you run into problems, feel free to Contact Me.

You will only see yourself, so feel free to use it as a mirror. No one is on the other end. For a real live chat with Geoseph, please make a booking.