Making Chocolate 101

An concise overview of how to make “bean to bar” chocolate.



A wet grinder

This is also known as a chocolate refiner or melanger. This is the magic tool you need to turn your cocoa beans into chocolate, without having to slave over a mortar and pestle for 300 hours.

Here is a list of some wet grinder manufacturers:

Premier refiners (USA)

cocoa town (USA)

A coffee roaster or trays for roasting

laser thermometer

A winnower or hair dryer

Metal Bowls


A fine mesh strainer

tasting spoons

resealable containers or bags


Sourcing Cacao

Bean to bar world map

here is a list

learn about genetics and botany here

you’ll see names like trinitario, criollo. some are varities, and most are cultivars or clones



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Pouring & Aging


Storing & Wrapping