In Love With Chocolate

Craft Dark Chocolate Pairing

Plate 1

Beer: Spinnakers Chocoholic Chocolate Milk Stout

Chocolate 1: Sirine (Victoria) Fiji 73%

Chocolate 2: Avanaa (Montreal) Kalari (Ecuador) 80%

Plate 2

Cheese: Mahon Menorca Curado, from Minorca Spain, Cow, Pasteurized

Chocolate 1: Ocumare (Vancouver) 70% & Ocumare Cacao Beans

Chocolate 2: Askinosie (USA) 77% Davao, Philippines

Plate 3

Wine: Ruche Red Wine from Piedmont (Piemonte). Notes of Dried Cherry & Apricot.

Chocolate 1: Domori (Italy) 70% Chuao (Criollo) , Venezuela

Chocolate 2: Cacao Prieto (New York) 72% Dominican Criollo

Plate 4

Chocolate: Metiisto (Australia) Patovaki 72% Solomon Islands

Salami 1: Lemon Confit. Oyama Sausage Company, Vancouver

Salami 2: Bison & Pork from Black Forest Meat And Sausage North Vancouver

Plate 5

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

Chocolate 1: Kasama (Vancouver) 70% Honduras

Chocolate 2: Smooth Chocolator (Australia) 75% Wild Bolivia

Plate 6

Cacao Juice from Repurposed Pod (USA) Ecuadorian Cacao Pulp

Chocolate: Avanaa (Montreal) Zorzal 70% Dominican Republic & Cacao Nibs

Fruit: Pomelo

Plate 7

Mix & Match!