Interactive Chocolate Gift Box (Geoseph's Pick)


Interactive Chocolate Gift Box (Geoseph's Pick)


Interactive Bean To Bar Chocolate Gift Box!

Includes 4 bars, and a voucher to book your own 1-on-1 live video chat with Geoseph! I will personally hand pick from my curated selection of fine bean to bar chocolate from Canadian
& International bean to bar makers

Buy this for yourself, or as a gift for family, friends, or clients. If this is a gift for someone else, you have the option to add a message. Don’t forget to include the shipping address for where you want this gift box to go.

Each gift box includes:

  • 4 chocolate bars. You have the option to specify what you want/don’t want in your selection (ex/ no dairy, or all plain dark chocolate).

  • A voucher for a FREE 30 minute live online video chat with me. Use it to ask questions about your products, ask for tips on tasting, or to learn more about chocolate in general.

Price is subject to applicable taxes and shipping.

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Orders may not be changed or canceled after they are shipped (which will occur within 2 business days after the order was placed).

I cannot guarantee any of the products are free from any allergens, such as but not limited to: dairy, gluten, or nuts. Many of the products are manufactured in small artisan kitchens where different kinds of chocolates are made from the same equipment and kept in close quarters with ingredients that may contain allergens.

I know you will love your selection of fine bean to bar chocolate! If there is something wrong with your shipment or products, please take pictures of the issue and email them to me. CWG does not offer refunds or discounts because you didn’t like the flavour or taste of the products. I do my best to select for he best, and the rest is up to subjective preferences.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.