WORKSHOP: The Art & Science of Bean To Bar Making (Date To Be Determined)

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WORKSHOP: The Art & Science of Bean To Bar Making (Date To Be Determined)


Taste how chocolate is made! Think you know where chocolate comes from? Think again. This workshop journeys through the process of chocolate making while following how the flavour this glorious food develops along the way. Like coffee, wine, and beer, the world of craft chocolate is sweeping the globe, and I want you to be a part of this delicious movement!


  • 20 Dark Chocolate & Cacao Samples

  • Interactive Bean To Chocolate Demo

  • Brief Overview of Chocolate History

  • Overview of The Botany

  • The Process Of Chocolate Making With

  • A Focus On Flavour Development

  • Information on Genetics, Farmers, & Makers

  • Information on Ingredients, Reading Labels, Fair Trade Relationships, & Types Of Chocolate

  • Literature On This Topic

This workshop is one of a kind, and will open your eyes to what really goes into making a chocolate bar. 

All cacao and chocolate samples will be plant based. Please contact me before attending if you have further questions.

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Dietary Concerns

It is the responsibility of the ticket holders and their guests and/or guardians to inform us before the meetup of any dietary concerns. We take no responsibility for allergic reactions or other ill effects from the foods you may consume or come in contact with. Although we do our best to inform you of the ingredients, some of the products are made by other manufacturers, and we can never guarantee any foods or drinks or products have not come in contact with items including, but not limited to, nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy. Please inform us before attending an event or purchasing a ticket with any dietary concerns.



Pacific Arts Market

1448 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, Canada

(Not Wheelchair Accessible)

This workshop is intended for the public, but the level of information will appeal to everyone from the novice to a chocolate enthusiast.  Come as you are, sit back, and enjoy chocolate from a unique perspective.  If you have any dietary concerns or special requests, please connect, or mention it in the form when you checkout. 

The Host: Geoseph Domenichiello is a professional chocolatier, chocolate sommelier, and chocolate maker.  For over a decade, he has been educating, creating, and sharing all things chocolate in order to help others heighten their appreciation and level of satisfaction with chocolate.  

Refund Policy

No Refunds or Exchanges 7 days (168 hours) before events. In order to keep events affordable and available for all, there needs to be enough notice for any cancellations. With 8 days or more of notice, you may switch dates, or keep a credit on file for a future event. Refunds will not be given, unless under very unusual circumstances, and at the owner’s discretion.

If in the very rare occurrence an event is canceled by Chocolate with Geoseph, the purchaser will receive a full refund.

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