MEETUP: Quarry Rock Hike + Bean To Bar Tasting (Sat. Aug. 10, 2019 11 AM - 2 PM)

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MEETUP: Quarry Rock Hike + Bean To Bar Tasting (Sat. Aug. 10, 2019 11 AM - 2 PM)


Where? Quarry Rock Trail at Deep Cove in North Vancouver. We will meet up by the playground at 11 AM sharp! Arrive earlier to find parking. Bus 212 from Phibbs or 211 from Vancouver go directly to Deep Cove.

Duration: 3-4 Hours, give yourself extra time before and especially after in case we run late.

Menu: Craft chocolate of course!

We will meet up at 11 AM, and then hike up to Quarry Rock which has a great view of the Deep Cove harbour. We will then have a chocolate tasting at the peak as we enjoy the beautiful view. The tasting will include a surprise mix of bean to bar chocolate, cacao juice, and iced chocolate! We will taste, analyze the flavours, and discuss the information behind each bar. Once we are done, we will head back down to where we started.

The entire hike back and forth including the tasting should take 3 hours, but stay flexible in case it goes longer due to a busy trail or people taking their time. You have the option to go on your own after the tasting, and stay up longer or leave earlier if you wish!

What to bring: Appropriate hiking gear (shorts, tshirt, running shoes (no flip flops), water, and sunscreen). Here is more information on the Quarry Rock Trail You are responsible for yourself and any guests. Ensure you are in good physical health! I take no responsibility for any injury whatsoever. The hike is not a difficult hike, but you will sweat. We will go at a moderate paste suitable for everyone.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!

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Dietary Concerns

It is the responsibility of the ticket holders and their guests and/or guardians to inform us before the meetup of any dietary concerns. We take no responsibility for allergic reactions or other ill effects from the foods you may consume or come in contact with. Although we do our best to inform you of the ingredients, some of the products are made by other manufacturers, and we can never guarantee any foods or drinks or products have not come in contact with items including, but not limited to, nuts, dairy, gluten, and soy. Please inform us before attending an event or purchasing a ticket with any dietary concerns.

Location: Deep Cove in North Vancouver

Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to find parking and get settled in.

(Not Wheelchair Accessible)

If you have dietary concerns, please contact me.


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