Bean To Bar Showroom

The purpose of this showroom is to direct you towards amazing cacao and chocolate related products and services that exist around the world.


Chocolate With Geoseph Products

Available At Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver

CWG In Collaboration with Dirtspindle


+ Chocolate Lanterns

Emma at Dirtspindle designs incredible pottery inspired by the human body. It only made sense to design a chocolate melting lantern with her, since enjoying fine chocolate emphasises using our body and our senses, not just chomping it down.

These lanterns are about 4" tall, and are perfect for one or two people to enjoy your bean to bar in liquid form!

They are available at Pacific Arts Market at Granville and Broadway in Vancouver along with my curated selection of bean to bar chocolate.



+ Bean To Bar Compass

Coming soon!



+ Tasting Kits

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Interesting Bean To Bar Related Products



+ Hand Carved Cacao Pods

Beltran cacao maker carves out beautiful life-like cacao pods from apamate wood in his native Venezuela. They are a very realistic representation a fresh cacao pod, and make perfect gifts for cacao lovers or as props for displays and education purposes.

They come in whole pods, pods that open with cacao fruit inside, as well as necklaces and earrings. Click on the images above to check out his instagram account and request an order from him.

Repurposed Pod

Pennsylvania, USA

+ Cacao Fruit Juice

Repurposed Pod offers you 100% fresh cold-pressed cacao juice. This is the essence of the fruit of the cacao pod. For thousands of years before chocolate was invented in South America, humans were consuming the fruit of the cacao.

Because the fruit is difficult to obtain outside of where it is grown, this cacao juice is the next best thing to opening up a fresh pod on a farm in beautiful Ecuador. The flavour is sweet, tart, floral, and with notes of tropical fruit. Click the image to locate a retailer near you.

Canadian Chocoholic

Ottawa, Canada

+ Cacao Jewlery

Cyndi hand crafts these delightful sterling silver pendants, reflecting her passion for all things cacao and chocolate. Currently she produces 2D cacao pods and 3D cacao bean pendants. A unique and beautiful gift for your chocolate addicted friends.Click on the images above to order directly from Cyndi.

Bean To Bar Equipment

Diamond Custom Machines Corp.

New Jersey, USA

+ Chocolate Melangers

Diamond Custom Machines Corporation manufactures bean to bar chocolate refiners for both the professional and budding hobbyist. Their tabletop version is what I use myself at home.

They can be used not only for making chocolate, but nut butters as well (or a nut butter/chocolate mixture even!). The tabletop versions are priced very reasonable for those who want to delve into the world of bean to bar chocolate making!


Georgia, USA

+ Chocolate Melangers & Equipment

CocoaTown LLC manufactures an array of equipment you would need to start your bean to bar business. From melangers, to winnowers, and even cracking machines, they have it all.

Many bean to bar manufacturers use these melangers and have much success with them. Click on the images to take you to the manufacturer's website.

Chocolat Chocolat

Montreal, Canada

+ Molds, Packaging, & Accessories

Many people ask me "Where can I get molds?!" If you live in Canada, a great source is Chocolat-Chocolat in Montreal. They sell an array of molds, as well as packaging and other chocolate related accessories.

If you're a bean to bar maker or a chocolatier, this is a great go-to place for all your kitchen needs. Click on the images above to take you directly to Chocolat-Chocolat.

Bean To Bar Retailers

Bean Bar You

Sydney, Australia

+ Chocolate Down Under

Alison & Chris do a wonderful job showcasing all the bean to bar makers in Australia, as well as some of their favourite international makers. If you're worried about the heat during shipping, they have that covered too. Click the images above to learn more about what they do and how to order your chocolate subscription today.

The Chocolate Bar

Wellington, NZ

+ Sweet As Chocolate

Luke, a passionate and well-informed chocolate lover, educator, and retailer in New Zealand. He curates a wonderful selection of New Zealand and International bean to bar makers, as well as hosts local tastings and parties. There is a lot of chocolate love going on in this tiny capital city, and it's definitely worth checking out! Click on the images above to take you to his website.

Origins Chocolate Bar

New Westminster, BC

+ The Best On The West

Katey and Peter showcase a range of incredible Canadian and American bean to bar makers. They are located in the River Market in New Westminster, which is only a short transit ride from downtown Vancouver. If you are in the Vancouver area, make your way out here and check them out!


Cocoa Runners

London, England

+ Cocoa Runners

An array of bean to bar from around the world right in the beating heart of London, England. Check out their online shop where you can raten and buy more of what you love. Click on the images above to learn more.


Paris, France

+ Kosak

Nathalie and Catherine Curate a wide range of artisan bean to bar chocolate from around the world. The recommend the best way to jump into the bean to bar world is easy, taste and share! Click on the images above to take you to their website.

Cocoa Couriers

Seattle, USA

+ Cocoa Couriers

A monthly artisan bean to bar subscription retailer based on the West Coast of the United States. They showcase an array of American and International bean to bar chocolate, with a focus on fair trade, as well as vegan, dairy, and nut free choices. Click on the images above to take you to their website.

Cacao Distributors

Coming soon…